New From Our Customer Support Team: 21 Tips On How to Enhance an Automated Letter

This is the first of two posts to help you get the most out of your email programs at Retention Management.

Today, we are focusing on the Automated Member emails. The amount ofemail we receive every day continues to grow.

So when you email your members, make sure you follow these simple tips to makeautomated emailsto your members more effective.

21 Tips On How to Enhance an Automated Letter:

  1. Use a soft and polite tone; yet passionate
  2. Remind members of the amenities, services and products your facility offers
  3. Include links to your website or other informative documents
  4. Provide contact information for the member if they have additional questions
  5. Include social networking links
  6. Keep it brief but informative
  7. Summarize your content and include links to your website for additional information In the ‘welcome letter’ mention the benefits of referring members
  8. In the ‘recovery letter’ provide an offer to entice the member to visit
  9. Encourage feedback
  10. If a staff member’s name is mentioned in the body of the letter; remember to update when necessary
  11. Brand your messages to reflect your facility
  12. Use a consistent color scheme which includes your club colors
  13. Emphasize with Words, Not Exclamation Marks
  14. Allow the signing up for activities by including links to registration forms
  15. Use bold face when emphasizing important information
  16. When uploading an image keep in mind the iPhone has a viewable space of 320 pixels; the standard computer screen is 600 pixels
  17. When uploading an image, which contains important information, include descriptive text as an alternative.
  18. Many email clients disable images unless the user allows it.
  19. Test links in your letters
  20. SpellCheck your message
  21. Thank the member for their business and reinforce that you are ready to do what it takes to make them a satisfied customer


Chris W

Email / Social Media