21 Tips on How to Enhance a Marketing Broadcast Email.

Part Two of Our Tips on Improving your use of the emails you send your members – this month 21 Tips on How to Enhance a Marketing Broadcast.

Last month, our Customer Service group gave us a great check list with 21 Tips On How to Enhance an Automated Letter (see our April 19th). This month, they give us great tips to help improve your Marketing Broadcast emails. These emails are a great way to promote your events, increase member activity and drive non-dues revenue.

We hope you find this helpful as you build your email marketing campaign.

21 Tips on How to Enhance a Marketing Broadcast

1. In the subject line use your club name

2. In the subject line do not use words such as Free, Sale or characters ($ @ ! )

3. In the subject line create a call to action

4. Use reasonable size font; not too small and not huge

5. Emphasize with Words, Not Exclamation Marks

6. Bold or highlight important dates and times

7. Brand your messages to reflect your club. Include your company logo and club colors

8. Use a consistent color scheme which includes your club colors

9. Use an images to engage interest

10. Keep it brief and to the point. Summarize your content and include links to your website for additional information

11. Make your emails engaging and encourage feedback to stay connected with your members

12. When uploading an image which contains important information, include descriptive text as an alternative. Many email clients disable images unless the user allows it.

13. When uploading an image keep in mind the iPhone has a viewable space of 320 pixels; the common computer screen is 600pixels (about 8.3 inches)

14. Include social networking links

15. Allow the signing up for activities by including links to registration forms

16. Include contact information

17. Include reminders for future events

18. Include topics which do not require additional cost

19. Test the links in your marketing broadcast message

20. Spell Check your message

21. Try to send additional email only once a month. Do not send multiple marketing broadcasts in a week


Chris W

Email / Social Media