Social Media Corner - Should you be a DIY with your SM?

Let’s face it, some of us are better at DO IT YOURSELF projects than others. A handy rule of thumb on home improvement is if it requires more tools than are already in your tool box, call a professional. Too many projects that should have been left for pros have to be cleaned up after costly experiments by DIYers.

Many clubs are faced with the same issue when it comes to their social media. All too often we hear stories about someone at a club having a niece who dates a guy who has a Facebook account and he handles this for them. Or, they have a group fitness instructor who takes care of this but she just left for another club and now they don’t know the password. Or the ever popular…they have had three or four different pages out there and their members are confused which one to “like”.

Here is the list of questions health club should ask themselves when they consider to going DIY with their social media:

  • PAGE DESIGN- Does your cover photo have pop appeal on the new Facebook timeline and do you have a coordinated profile picture? Do you have custom pages for membership sign-ups and group exercise schedules?
  • POSTS- Do you consistently post engaging messages that receive viral exposure due to likes, comments and shares? Does someone monitor and maintain your pages and respond on a timely basis to questions, comments and concerns?
  • RECRUITMENT- Do you have an intentional campaign to draw, fans, followers, connections and check-ins? Do you know what percent of your total members LIKE your page?
  • PLATFORM COORDINATION- Is your twitter account associated with your Facebook page and vice-versa? Do you have app tabs on your FB pages linking to your YouTube account, correct registration information on YELP, Linked-in and foursquare?

Retention Management’s Social Media Division can professionally assist you in these areas and so many more. We coordinate our social media services with your email services to make certain your members have an interactive voice in your club’s online community. Call or email us to receive a free analysis of your existing social media program. or 800-951-8048 ext 111.


Chris W

Email / Social Media