The Value of Add-Ons for Your Emails

It has always been our objective to have our service function for you as quietly, seamlessly, and automatically as possible. Our job is to make you look good to your members, and we do our best to work behind the scenes. We only request that you collect email addresses (Get Connected) and reply to your member inquiries. It is easy to forget that a vast number of members are being regularly ‘touched’, supported and educated by the service.

People will easily walk away from a business but not a relationship even in the fitness industry. Members, whether intentional or not, want to bond to their club. Check to make sure that your door is open for:

  • Friendships
  • Social opportunities
  • Personal interactions
It’s also important to make certain that your members have a sense of belonging and feel good and secure while they’re at your club.

Taking simple steps and using your existing resources can satisfy some of the fundamentals that will encourage retention:
Give a personal touch to your letters by including a customized Add-On Message. This is a brief message added to the motivational email; therefore, it does not require additional mail to be sent. It is an easy and effective way to remind your members of special events, referral programs, schedule changes, staff news, or a member appreciation day.

Here’s how it works:

In the Portal select - "Add Message To Automated Email" Button
Type in any text you need to send your members the special message / promotion. It's that easy.

For additional user information, refer to the Add Message to Automated Email guide.


Chris W

Email / Social Media