LivingWell Succeeds with Retention Management

Retention takes Action ... but, like your members and their work-out regimen, you want to see some results from all your work. We want to share with you a success story of one of our clients.

Health Club Management Magazine reported in April that Livingwell Health Clubs achieved improved retention by 6% in first year using Retention Management.

The issue of Health Club Management Magazine did a series of profiles on facilities that are using new technology that helps operations improve customer retention. One of the profiles covered the success that Livingwell Health Club, Leicester had piloting the usage of Retention Management for the franchise.

Using a method devised by Dr Paul Bedford to measure the impact of the Retention Management service, they measured and compared the results for the 3 years prior to implementation of Retention Management to the first year of using the service. This review showed that in the first year of the Retention Management program being implemented the club had improved retention by 6%.

The service has since been rolled out to many of the Livingwell clubs across the UK. Read the profile here -


Chris W

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